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New No-Lag and Memory Increase!

So, Its been a while since the last post. We have decided to keep you guys updated weekly! Meaning, there will be at least 1 new post each week. So now that you are informed lets get on with the news!


WELL! As you might have noticed there has been some lag issues going on within the server. As of 9/9/2015 That has been abolished! We have copied our files from our very old and distraught virtual machine and created a new one using a Linux Debian based OS. Meaning its the best Software for Minecraft server hosting. We also now use Java 8 so new plugins and less ram leakage occurs. So everything should be as smooth as a cucumber.


So whats new with hub? We got new minigames in the works and things getting built. What do we have out currently?

Minigames: TNT Run, SkyWars, Spleef, and Snake.

New Minigame Maps:



TNT Run:

We have a custom TNT Run plugin developed by yours truly, it has been our main focus for now. Soon each minigame plugin will be custom so it runs smoother and fits PlanetCraftation's style.

Right click the npc to join a game!

Join GUI:

On hover you can see what map you are choosing, what the current status is and how many players are playing! With one click you can join it!



Magnet (Donators only map):







Hub has gotten redecorated! With new Minigame join npc's and new displays!


No exact release date atm (Within the next few months).

New Specialists:

New Spawn Redecoration:

So whats going on with factions? We have decided to go off in a new direction attempting to make it the most original factions server currently out there! We have came up with an idea to have 4 specialists you can specialize in. 1.) Demolitionist. - Destroys obsidian a lot easier. "TNT" 2.) Knight. - Specializes in killing and weapons. 3.) Magic. - Specializes in spells beyond the mortals grasp! 4.) To be released in 1.9 ;).

The server have been fine tuned to each specialist. Such as Obsidian is a lot harder to break now (about 4-6 TNT blasts per block to break). But Demolitionists can break it 3 times faster with 1 TNT blast. Custom enchantments have also been added to the server for Knights and Magic. That's just a little taste of whats to come, more details on factions coming soon!


So why survival? We have gotten some special plugins such as Title Action, Making the chat less cluttered with killing mobs and receiving constant notices about it. Now it will display above your action bar! It also displays when you enter important regions. Such as a players claimed base or entering the wilderness. It also displays things in the title screen such as entering spawn or the mine world!


No exact release date atm.

No... no... we haven't forgotten about SkyGrid. It will be coming soon. Sorry for the late up date.

We have a basic skylands spawn with a few shops and tutorials to get you guys started. Voting will be the key to an ultimate SkyGrid survival.

Sorry there has been so little updates lately. Most of our staff including me are going on our Senior year in high school and once we graduate you will have our undivided attention :) Oh yeah! Btw guys I have gotten another name change. What was spdjacobmsnclone, then > lSilverShadowl, is now finally > RockinChaos. This hopefully will be my final name change. Im feeling it lol. Accounts that are actually me: RockinChaos - Main, lSilverShadowl - ALT, Vedextrium - Testing Account (Vanilla User).

Note: There have been some Lag issues with the Hub server recently and we are undergoing a process to treat that so please be patient.

More info on Minigames, and the release of Factions coming soon! A poll for what you guys would like to see on the server in the future will also be coming soon.

Feel free to post below and tell me how your day is and what you would like to see on the server. Have a Crafty day!

A Special Thanks...

RockinChaos Owner posted Aug 7, 15


This may seem cliché but, I wish to make you guys seem more important than a source of income.... Donators... you guys mean alot to me. It has been rough this past year, I have been paying out of pocket for the server and it has been quite expensive. It hasnt been until recently that I have been able to actually be relieved of it momentarily.. Donations have started coming in again being able to make our server flourish. I wish I could do more for you guys. Such as get the factions server up, Skygrid, Minigames, and Towny ASAP. Sadly it takes time and I can't do it as fast as everyone/I have wanted, and I am sorry for that...

Donators... You guys are SO important to me, and the server. You guys are what keep it alive. It costs MINIMUM $35 a month to keep the server active. Not including the costs to upgrade/fix issues and the power bill. Donators you guys are fantastic and I wish for you guys to have a fantastic time on PlanetCraftation.

As to donators new and old. You all will NEVER be forgotten...

I would like to thank:

shooy87 - $100

Yuri935k - $60

Nachoboys - $50

Pchop101 - $30

TheGingerBredMan - $30

Team_Associated6 - $30

Mr_Poizonivy - $20

JOHNDOG37 - $20

shamusboy10 - $10

New info coming on Hub/Factions soon! Have a Crafty day and Enjoy life!

Maxy_Moo Beacon its my homepage lol i look at it everyday i get on to see if anythings new
Maxy_Moo Beacon And thank you for making such an amazing server
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