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Problems in the work house.

By Jason Chilson Owner - Posted Mar 10, 16

Down Time?

Sorry guys for the lack of updates lately! I have been ever so busy with a problem we have currently ran into. As you guys may notice, well.. Hopefully you do.. ALL the servers are down! Oh no! Well this is due to a catastrophic hard drive failure. Causing the original raid 1 we had setup to fail and not boot on the backup. For such as this case we have decided to keep the backup (real time) drive locked away until we received a replacement, which we did. Then.. We had an even better thought! What if we drop the old Windows operating system we have and went to Linux! The reason for this being we can get more out of Linux. In the long run there would be less server lag, more player capacity and less down time. Sounds good right? Well.. It turns out installing Linux and getting it prepared is a pain.. But! We have successfully done so! Currently we are in the stages of copying the server files (Hub, Survival, Factions, SkyGrid, and Towny) to the Linux drives and booting up the servers. Once a little testing has been done we will re-open the server for public access. We should be done with the "server part" by Friday 3/11/16

Q: So, What does this mean?

A: This means the server will be back up of course!!

Q: When will the server be back up?

A: We are aiming for Saturday 3/12/16. NOTE: This is not a guarantee. This is our projections if nothing goes wrong. I mean.. What could go wrong copying files right?? Heh...

Q: Will my stuff be lost on the servers?

A: No. Everything will be EXACTLY as you left it when the server A.) Crashed if you were on it. B.) When you logged off.

Q: Why Linux instead of Windows?

A: Linux is well, in essence, just better to run Servers. Especially Minecraft. It also allows a lot of customization, and VERY low RAM usage.

Plans for the Future

Well, we obviously plan to get Factions up real soon a long with SkyGrid. A lot of the release dates have been pushed back due to the server crash yet, hopefully not by very much. We are also debating cloning the spawn from the Survival server, the world (Pandora) and pasting it in a new custom generated map. What do I mean by custom map? I mean completely custom. Land generation like you have never seen before! Unique to this server! No other server will have structures like these, or single player! There are just ideas though.. Nothing is set in stone!

Enough of my rambling lol.. Hopefully this solves all of your guys questions! Have a Crafty day!

Sorry there isn't much, had nothing to really talk about. Hopefully everything goes well and we will have some new features next week!

By the way guys! The best way to keep up-to-date on the latest-whats happening to the server is to follow me on Twitter! At I post constantly about what I am doing with the server and you can always send me a tweet with any questions or concerns.

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