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Weekly Update

By Jason Chilson Owner - Posted Sep 21, 15

The Lobby Server.

So, this is just a quick WEEKLY UPDATE as promised! Nothing really new yet since we are under-going a few lag issues with hub. Currently we have changed the default server to survival due to if 2 players join hub it will cause it to freeze and crash. You can still visit hub by typing /hub, other than that it is temporarily down. Sorry for an inconvenience.

Lets talk about the future

Whats the plan in the future? Our plan is to get a few minigames going on hub, get factions finished and skygrid. Then we will advertise the server and get some players in. It seems like a lot doesn't it? Not really it is very simple considering everything is basically finished. Its all a matter of time.

Sorry there isn't much, had nothing to really talk about. Hopefully everything goes well and we will have some new features next week!

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